Hi, my name is Mariusz Dyszlewski, I’m a dancer and a professional photographer. In Bboy’s community also known as „Dyszlu” and I represent „2w1 Rodzina” Crew.

Connecting two passions of my life, I can’t say I got a regular job, I simply do what I love from the bottom of my heart. Thanks these elements I see more clearly. Smallest movement might be my inspiration which is the abillity to capture the truth. Catching the essence of movement I create extraordinary pictures with character and emotional force behind.

Capturing events I want to share a bright range of emotions and history in every single picture. During event I see a bigger picture because of my dancing background and ability to look on the event as a promoter and photographer.


Since 2003, I`m organizing the oldest, regular breaking competitions in Poland – Stylowe Uderzenie / Stylish Strike

EachOneTeachOneIn 2014 I joined the project „Each One Teach One” which promotes artistic activities, healthy lifestyle and creative way of thinking…


In the same year I started working in local television TVL as a media specialist.


I have my own business – Artistic Agency ATANER , we deal with photography, dance and cultural promotion.

Logo fotki 2015

ps . I am also a wedding photographer

Ważniejsze wydarzenia:

The Notourius IBE – Heerlen / Netherlands
Warsaw Chalange – Warsaw / Poland
Stylowe Uderzenie – Tarnobrzeg / Poland
Time For Your Move – Mielec / Poland
RockaFellaz Annivarsery – Warsaw / Poland
Jabra Style Saeason – Kraków / Poland
Art Of Breaking – Łódź / Poland

a few words about me…

„Maruisz captures the essences of our culture. Not only focusing on specific moves in a battle but a colorful and complete coverage of what the Hip Hop Culture stands for. From celebrating the culture and sharing knowledge to capturing true emotions of the artist in- and outside a performance. The contrast of very colorful photos and the black/white images give a complete atmosphere and feel of our festival.”
– Paul van Dal, The Notorious IBE Media & Communication manager.


Mariusz Dyszlewski was our official photographer during international dance event „Jabra Style Season”. His responsibility was to capture photogallery from the event. He showed a proffesional approach to what he does. He did amazing job during the event as well as right after delivering great and high quality photos.

He is proffesional photographer no doubt. Gallery made by Mariusz was amazing even if time was short and pressure was enormous. Venue was really difficult to shoot photography in because of small spaces and lack of lights.
I truly would love to recommend Mariusz for all of You promoters who need a proffesional and high quality photos from event.

-Jarek Kulewicz, Catch the Flava